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Research & development

Ferdinand Porsche FERNFH - The Distance-Learning University of Applied Sciences - conducts socially relevant research with the main focus on application-oriented research. We are cooperating with national and international partners on this. FERNFH views research as an important contribution to quality assurance  in teaching and involves students at all levels of education in its research.

FERNFH’s overarching research focus is the “digitisation and virtualisation of society in all its specific aspects”. All researchers contribute to this research focus in the form of programme-specific research projects, cross-curricular research programmes or programme-independent third-party funding projects. 

Our current research activities are located in the following research fields

  • (New technologies for) promoting health and quality of life in old age
  • Dynamics of virtual working and learning in organisations & markets
  • Information systems, information management and information security 
  • Applications for digital aids in the education and health sector 

In addition, the individual study programmes are working on programme-specific research programmes and projects that address socially relevant issues in close connection with the content of the study programme. 

The research department for "Digital Transformation" is particularly dedicated to questions of "digital transformation in knowledge and information transfer". More about the research departement for "Digital Transformation"...

Current research programmes

Students have the opportunity to participate in research programmes within the scope of their work on their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The aim is to exchange literature and information on the topics of the programmes and to publish particularly good work at conferences and in journals.

Current research projects

Thorsten Händler

Research & development
Head of department