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Studying without a general qualification for university entrance

Even if you don't have a school-leaving certificate, you can still complete a Bachelor's degree programme! You can find out how to do this here.

In general, you have to prove that you have the university entrance qualification required for admission to a degree programme at an Austrian university or University of Applied Sciences by passing a school-leaving certificate, a vocational school-leaving examination or a university entrance qualification examination. However, it is also possible to gain access to a university degree programme with relevant professional qualifications and the completion of additional examinations.

Degree programme with professional qualification and additional examinations

If you have several years of professional qualifications relevant to the respective Bachelor's degree programme, you can start your degree programme with qualification examinations in English and mathematics.

A professional qualification is either a completed apprenticeship in a profession relevant to the subject or the completion of at least three years of vocational secondary school. You can find out what these are, here...

FERNFH offers free preparation courses for the qualification exams - in the form of e-learning, of course. You can take the exams directly at FERNFH.

Click here for the preparation courses (only available in German) in our Online Campus:
(please register as "guest")

Successful completion of the qualification examinations entitles you to enrol in your chosen Bachelor's degree programme at FERNFH, but does not fulfil the admission requirements for studies at other universities or colleges.

You will receive further information on the qualification examinations as part of the entrance procedure.

You can find detailed information about your application on our application page.

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