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Distance learning programme

Practical distance learning programme at Ferdinand Porsche FernFH - University of Applied Sciences - enables students to study alongside work and family. No matter where you are, our Online Campus offers you access to courses and learning materials any time, anywhere.

How does distance learning at FernFH works?

The 3 on-campus sessions (2 days each, Friday and Saturday) per semester take place in Wiener Neustadt. You can divide and arrange the distance learning phases flexibly according to your needs. During this time, you will work independently or in small groups via the Online Campus. There are also forums, video conferences and online consultation hours for personal exchanges with lecturers and fellow students.


Programme overview

Which equipment is required for distance learning?

To study at the Ferdinand Porsche FernFH, you need the following working materials:

  • PC or Notebook
  • Current internet browser (Chromium e.g. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Possibility to scan (Smartphone with operating system Android/iOS or scanner)
  • Optional Printer
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When it comes to my studies, flexibility and planning security are particularly important to me.

Distance learning...

... at FernFH is:
  • part-time
  • location-independent
  • individual
  • unique

... and always flexible.