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Distance learning programme

Your new way of studying: free, digital & networked

At Ferdinand Porsche FERNFH, you study according to your own rules and enjoy the full freedom of studying: without compromises, without moving, without restrictions in your job, without sacrificing your passion or cutting back on childcare.

The combination of the advantages of online study in a modern study environment with compactly organised classroom formats allows you to study flexibly, self-determined, networked and individually:

  • Flexible

The proven distance-learning study concept at FERNFH allows you to study at any time and from any location, adapting exactly to your life. So that you can study exactly as it suits you and your needs: during the day or at night, in the country or in the city, at home or abroad, independently or together with others.

  • Self-determined

In the FERNFH degree programme, you can study at your own pace and have the freedom to organise your time according to your own rhythm. This gives you the space to develop your potential in a self-determined way.

  • Connected

Wherever you are, you are connected to your student community and your lecturers via the Online Campus and can exchange ideas at any time using smart tools.

  • Individual

From day one, we know your name and take an interest in your personal story, your concerns and dreams so that we can understand you better and provide you with personalised support and advice.

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When it comes to my studies, flexibility and planning security are particularly important to me.

Your study programme

Your studies at FERNFH are characterised by a unique combination of self-determined, digital distance learning phases and compactly organised attendance days. Why exactly digital and face-to-face? To create an optimal learning experience for you that combines the best of both worlds.


Programme overview

  • Distance learning phase

In the Online Campus, which is available around the clock, you can study on your own or with others, with a printed script or digitally, during the day or at night. From digital learning tools, digital study scripts and innovative communication tools to online group work and live consultation hours, you have a wide range of options at your disposal to make your learning experience as personalised as possible. More about the Online Campus...

  • Attendance days & exams

At the beginning, middle and end of a semester, there are attendance days (Friday and Saturday), either online as live sessions or on site at the campus in Wiener Neustadt. During these attendance phases, you will take part in lectures, practical workshops, interactive group exercises and examinations. Examinations can therefore take place both on site and online.

  • Personal exchange

Direct contact and networking with your fellow students and lecturers takes place both online and in person. You can exchange ideas with others online at any time in forums, video conferences and online consultation hours. During the on-campus phases, you have the opportunity to get in touch with your lecturers and fellow students on campus in Wiener Neustadt.

Self-test: Fit for distance learning?

Are you still undecided whether a distance learning programme is right for you and whether you are ready for this new chapter? Take five minutes and find out in the online self-test: