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Instructional Systems Design

Welcome to Instructional Systems Design!

The Instructional Systems Design team ensures development.

  • Implementation and evaluation of new tools in and around the Online Campus
  • Testing, further development and optimisation of multimedia e-learning scenarios
  • Implementation concepts for production of multimedia content

The Instructional Systems Design team provides support.

  • Technical support with regard to the Online Campus
  • Suggestions and support for effective use of campus tools
  • Design of multimedia teaching and learning designs (MediaLab)
  • Support during web conferences
  • Training and executive education offers for students and lecturers

The Instructional Systems Design team is always up to date.

  • Tracking of current trends and testing of innovative tools
  • Networking at community meetings, conferences and meetings
  • Preparation of best practices

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Reinhard Staudinger

Instructional Systems Design
Head of department