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Competence Center "Digital Transformation"

Ferdinand Porsche FERNFH pursues applied research in cooperation with national and international partners. In addition to research projects specific to study programs, the overarching priority of FERNFH's interdisciplinary research is on the topic of "digital transformation in all areas of society".

Within this scope, the research department for "Digital Transformation" is particularly dedicated to questions of "digital transformation in knowledge and information transfer".

The department focuses on the following goals, among others:

  • Empowering individuals and companies to actively shape the digital transformation by promoting digital competencies.
  • Development and evaluation of innovative approaches to increase flexibility and interactivity in teaching and learning processes, especially in a university and corporate context.
  • Development of methodological competencies, e.g., for evaluation and decision support in projects and processes related to digital transformation.
  • Knowledge and method transfer between business, research, and teaching.

Research topics

Research activities are currently focused on the following topics:

The research activities are carried out in cooperation with FERNFH's degree and executive programmes and departments as well as with national and international partners from academia and industry.

The resulting findings, including the developed and evaluated approaches in form of processes, models, and software applications, are integrated into the teaching of the FERNFH as well as scientifically published on an ongoing basis.

FERNFH students can participate in research via project work as well as via BA or MA theses.

… funded by the GFF NÖ with means of the Province of Lower Austria


Thorsten Händler

Department of Digital Transformation
Head of department