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University & family

Despite, or perhaps because of the organisation of our type of study as distance learning, the focus at Ferdinand Porsche FERNFH is on people. As an employer and as a university, we want to offer our employees, teaching staff and students the best possible conditions for a balance between work or studies and family and leisure time.

At FERNH, the term "family" is interpreted broadly and encompasses more than the "classic family", as every one of us takes on care work and responsibility in our daily lives. We try to focus on all employees, teaching staff and students in and with special life situations. Mobile working and flexibility in work and study organisation provide plenty of scope for various compatibility issues.

Goals in the area of family and university

Many objectives and measures have been implemented very successfully in recent years, but we want to and will continue to pursue the path of compatibility. We want to develop and implement family-orientated measures that meet the needs of our students and staff together.

Successfully implemented measures

Family friendliness has been significantly expanded since the start of certification:

  • Implementation of a sustainable, family-conscious, life-phase-oriented university policy
  • Support of students and employees with caring responsibilities
  • Creation of a family-friendly infrastructure at the university
  • Further development of a family-friendly work organisation
  • Topic of university & family as part of teaching and research

New planned measures

  • Carrying out a study life survey among students and lecturers to better understand the realities of life and to be able to derive suitable measures from this.
  • Preparation of information on family offers in the region to support and inspire students with caring responsibilities when they bring their children to campus during attendance phases. 
  • Networking with other universities on the topic of "University and Family" brings a broader transfer of knowledge on the topic of studying with caring responsibilities as well as the opportunity to further develop innovative measures in the extended university network.
  • Focus on teaching staff / academics with caring responsibilities to promote academic careers with child(ren) and enable research.
  • Continue to promote and support academic debate on the topic of reconciling university and family life in the context of Bachelor and Master theses as well as research proposals. 
  • Focus on all employees with targeted surveys and the resulting measures to further develop the employee-orientated and family-conscious corporate culture.
  • Organising various event formats on the topics of health and work-life balance for employees, teaching staff, students, alumni, ...

Would you like to find out more about "Studying with child" at FERNFH?

Here you can find more information about "Studying with child" at FERNFH (Only available in German). 

Eva Plasch

Eva Plasch

Representative for family and
caring responsibilities
+43 2622 32600-305