Picture: Building Ferdinand Porsche FernFH

Values & visions

Our values

FernFH’s values have been defined as follows:

  • FernFH views academic education as being of important personal, social and economic value.
  • We are convinced that with didactically, methodologically and organisationally designed study conditions, forms of learning and teaching can break down individual and structural educational barriers and create equal opportunities in the tertiary sector for all those interested in education.
  • In our actions and decisions we acknowledge and promote the diversity of people, living and studying conditions, academic methods, opinions and ideas. We view diversity as enriching, and inclusion as a mission.

Our visions

FernFH will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2022, so this date was used as a target value for the FernFH vision. Our vision for 2022 is:

  • On the basis of innovative forms of learning, we will be offering 1,000 students the opportunity to acquire an education on an academic basis that will help them in their professional careers, independent of time and location and taking individual learning styles into account.
  • FernFH is recognised by national and international partners and skilled and experienced lecturers as an innovative competence centre for the virtualisation of learning and work.
  • We are highly regarded throughout Austria with respect to the first two points mentioned above.
  • Science and research are an important part of academic teaching at FernFH. Our students and graduates benefit from innovative topics and can apply academic methods and integrate them into their daily work.
  • FernFH offers the framework conditions and infrastructure to support a health-promoting organisational culture, individual development of employees and the environmentally conscious and sustainable use of resources.
  • Quality awareness is firmly established in all areas at FernFH, and employees are prepared to contribute to continuous quality development in their relevant areas of responsibility.