Picture: People with different devices


A place for professional media production

The MediaLab is a place for the professional production of media content. Lecturers have the opportunity to create custom teaching and learning videos and multimedia courses with the support of the specially trained and experienced E-Learning and Web Support Centre team. This support covers everything from scripting, video and audio production in various formats to the creation of animation videos.


  • Recording of tutorials and guest lectures
  • Consulting and support with regard to the creation of digital (video) content
  • Video formats (course trailers, impulse videos, screencasts, explanatory videos)
  • Podcasts


  • Greenbox
  • Cameras & studio microphones
  • Editing suite | iMac, Adobe Creative Cloud

Regular course feedback shows that media diversity is the right way to support a sustainable learning effect. Besides professional implementation, further development of distance learning at Ferdinand Porsche FernFH is also a point of focus.


MediaLab stands for
  • Support
  • Progress
  • Diversity
  • Flexibility

... and the future.