Online-Diskussion des Alumni-Netzwerkes 2020

How to survive the first 100 days and more as a leading manager!

"Finally boss! How do I get through the first 100 days?" was the title of the online discussion hosted by the Alumni network on 12th May. Alumni and experts gave insights into their personal experiences and passed on valuable tips to the audience.

Becoming a manager in a leading position is not an event, it is a process - this was agreed upon from the beginning of the online discussion of the FernFH Alumni network. FernFH graduates Sandra Weißengruber (Authorized Signatory & Head of Internal Services Lebenshilfe Lower Austria) and Armin Schmidthaler (Head of retirement home “Neue Heimat” in Linz) discussed the topic "Finally boss! How do I get through the first 100 days?" together with expert Barbara Friesenbichler (Independent Management Consultant & Agile Executive Coach Barbara Friesenbichler strategy leadership consult & trainer at the Hernstein Institute).

Young managers in leading positions often put themselves under pressure at the beginning of their new job and think that there must already be a ready-made picture of them as a boss. The discussion shows that the role of a person in this position is a constant learning process. For the graduates in the group, permanent self-reflection, honesty with themselves and the courage to actively seek feedback from others are key factors for a good start and lasting success as a manager. Both emphasize that their studies at the FernFH provided an important basis for working in a leading position and were decisive for their development.

The cornerstones on the way of becoming a leading manager

Moderated by Herbert Schwarzenberger (Alumni coordinator of the FernFH), the three discussants gave many personal insights into their leadership experiences and showed different perspectives and solutions. It became clear that there is no patent remedy for anything. Conditions and framework conditions are always different and require a different approach. In the end, the participants were nevertheless able to be given a few basic pillars to take along on their way to becoming managers:

  1. The 4 Ms (in German „Man muss Menschen mögen“) are essential as a manager: You have to like people! As a basic requirement for a (future) manager.
  2. Becoming a manager in a leading position is not an event, it is a process. You have to create this awareness. There is no such thing as perfection! Being a manager is a continuous learning process.
  3. Creating clarity. How do I want to be perceived as a manager? Who do I want to be as a manager?
  4. Building relationships in a professional environment. Relationships to the team, to management colleagues and to the level above are essential for the start and further path as a manager. It is important to clearly define your own position, to explain your principles and to make clear what you stand for.
  5. Do not lose focus. Especially in the beginning it is important to plan and take the first steps as a manager consciously and not to fall into actionism. This creates security in your own team and shows outsiders that you are not disoriented.

You missed the discussion?

Here you can watch the recording of the online discussion (only available in German).