Photo Get2Gether

Three year groups, three years of a wealth of experience: Student exchange at Get2Gether

The bachelor degree programme Business Administration and Psychology organised a “Get2Gether” for students of across years as part of the on-campus session.

Successful watch designers and wedding orators are just two of the special professional fields in which students from the Business Administration and Psychology bachelor degree programme are active. Students and employees from FernFH recently learnt which other professional success stories there are and that are to be aspired to at the Get2Gether organised by the Business Administration and Psychology bachelor degree programme.

Naturally, many of the conversations were about the FernFH bachelor degree programme and the individual courses. But nothing beats broad networking! For this reason, those organising this meeting paid special attention to make sure the individual years mixed with each other, that real networking took place outside the online campus and that the most diverse experiences are exchanged in person.  

The event was very well received by the students and lasted into the late hours of the evening. Everyone is already looking forward to possible follow-up events.

Highlights from the evening