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FernFH pays a visit to Porsche Digital

At the end of March, FernFH CEO Axel Jungwirth and programme director Andrea Grimm visited Porsche Digital GmbH in Ludwigsburg (Germany). Uwe Gross, co-initiator of the company and innovation driver at Porsche, got to know FernFH better and took some time out of his busy schedule to have an intensive discussion with the visitors.

FernFH CEO Axel Jungwirth visited Porsche Digital GmbH together with FernFH programme director Andrea Grimm. They were received by Uwe Gross, co-initiator and Senior Manager of Smart Mobility Innovation at Porsche Digital GmbH. As a mighty driver of innovation and a flexible innovative spirit, Gross appreciates new concepts such as design thinking and is currently working on a highly innovative project in the field of smart mobility. But of course the details are top secret.

At the meeting, FernFH was discussed and the participants had intensive conversations about new approaches to innovations. It became clear that Gross is setting a high pace with his own innovation projects. He believes that important success factors include integrating customers into innovation projects at a very early stage (keyword user experience), establishing partnerships with start-ups and creating an innovation network for each project. This “think fast and big” mentality has also lead him down the path of conducting workshops for executive boards and management or planning an innovation office in Tel Aviv.

It was an exciting visit which made a lasting impression on Axel Jungwirth and Andrea Grimm and gave them plenty of ideas for taking back to FernFH. FernFH would like to say “thank you” for inviting us!


About Porsche Digital GmbH

Porsche Digital GmbH focuses on digital products, business areas and processes as well as global scouting. The company identifies new trends and promotes them. Digital GmbH sees itself as the point of intersection between Porsche and innovators worldwide. This applies in particular to the areas of connectivity, smart mobility and autonomous driving. More details on the company can be found at: