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Academic board & statutes

The academic board was established for the first time at Ferdinand Porsche FernFH in the autumn semester of 2012/13. The composition and tasks are regulated in §10 of the FHStG (Federal Act on University of Applied Sciences Degree Programmes) and include

  • All academic matters and decisions made at Ferdinand Porsche FernFH
  • The awarding of academic degrees to graduates
  • Together with the head of the academic board and the head of the study programme, implementation of matters and procedures relating to study.

Study and examination regulations and other regulations issued by the academic board are firmly established in the statutes of Ferdinand Porsche FernFH.

Members of the Academic Board

The Academic Board is composed of elected representatives of the heads of the degree programmes established at FernFH, teaching and research staff, and students. The Academic Board also elects a head and another person as his or her deputy.

Head of Academic Board

Martin Staudinger

Head of Academic Board
of Ferdinand Porsche FernFH

Christa Walenta

Deputy Head of Academic Board
of Ferdinand Porsche FernFH
+43 2622 32600-130