Thomas Györgyfalvay, BA MBA

  • Professional activity: Technical and organisational consultant at the company Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hermann Bühler 
  • Lecturerat FernFH: since 2012  
  • Lecturer in the study programmes: Business Informatics Bachelor’s degree & Master’s degree, Ageing Services Management Bachelor’s degree 
  • Courses: Project management, technical security aspects, security management, principles of e-business and e-commerce 

Three questions we asked Thomas Györgyfalvay

What professional and practical experience do you bring to your courses? 

My professional experience includes specialist components such as dealing with topics in the field of information system security and project management, as well as didactic components such as organising and conducting countless training courses in the software sector in Europe, America and Africa.

What in particular do you appreciate about the concept of distance learning at FernFH? 

Mainly, I appreciate the flexibility in terms of both time management and location. I also appreciate the use of different media and methods for knowledge transfer.

What in particular do you appreciate about teaching? What does working with students mean to you?

Above all, dealing with new topics and working with people are important to me. Students are constantly giving me new perspectives on supposedly “well-known” topics, which gives me the chance to gain new experiences, rediscover contexts and broaden my horizons. To put it simply: I find teaching in the context of adult education to be greatly enriching!