MBA International Corporate Social Responsibility Management

MBA (Master of Business Administration)


autumn semester

Length of programme: 3 semesters
Costs: € 16,800 (incl. student union fee, excl. travelling costs)
Type of study:
Distance learning via Online Campus (an interactive online learning plattform), plus 3 on-campus sessions (2 in Austria, 1 international)
Language of instruction: English
Programme director:

Martin Neureiter

Application deadline

Corporate Social Responsibility – a strategic management tool that has become indispensable in many companies and organisations. CSR addresses the impact that an organisation’s action has on the environment, society, and the economy, all of which can be managed in a targeted manner.

The rapid economic growth of recent decades has created a great deal of opportunities for many people around the globe – and also negatively impacted our ecosystem. For this reason, we need leaders who can professionally manage the needs of people, the environment, and the economy while reconciling them for future generations. Corporate Social Responsibility Management offers exactly the right approach.

Admission requirements

  • Completed study (min. bachelor's degree level) AND
  • Relevant professional experience
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Target group

  • managers
  • (prospective) CSR managers
  • communication managers
  • business consultants
  • project managers

Acquisition of competence

The MBA programme ‘International Corporate Social Responsibility Management’ at Ferdinand Porsche FernFH includes all essential basics of CSR management. Additionally a specialisation in specific subjects is offered.

Students in the MBA programme learn how the future direction of economic life can be successfully implemented regarding CSR and sustainability factors.

MBA programme graduates…

  • are familiar with the main CSR principles: responsibility, transparency, ethical behaviour, network building, and stakeholder communications.
  • are able to develop appropriate measures and solutions and implement them in the corporate context.
  • take the business strategies of their company or organisation to the international level of sustainability standard ISO 26000.
  • are familiar with the latest SR tools and guidelines for successful strategies.
  • use their CSR expertise internationally and according to uniform SR standards.
  • have the necessary knowledge to assess different questions in a strategic and sustainable way.


The programme was developed by Ferdinand Porsche FernFH Distance-Learning University of Applied Sciences and CSR Company International.
The curriculum is based on the international Social Responsibility standard ISO 26000.

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Building a solid career and business involves both high commitment and expertise in SR standards.
Martin Neureiter (Programme director)

Focus areas

Management Skills
Academic competence

Programme overview

Programme overview





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