Members of the Academic Board

Head of the Academic Board

  • Martin Staudinger
  • Christa Walenta

Representatives of the programme directors

  • Tanja Adamcik, Programme director BA in Aging Services Management
  • Herbert Schwarzenberger, Programme director MA in Business Administration and Psychology
  • Peter Völkl, Programme director MA in Business Informatics

Representatives of teaching and research staff

  • Anahid Aghamanoukjan, FernFH lecturer & researcher
  • Barbara Wimmer, FernFH E-Learning & Web-Support Center
  • Thomas Györgyfalvay, DI Dr. Hermann Bühler GmbH
  • Daniela Wolf, FernFH lecturer & researcher
  • Nina Miklavc, FernFH lecturer & researcher
  • Martina Nitsch, FernFH lecturer & researcher
  • Michael Rohregger, Rohregger Scheibner Rechtsanwälte GmbH
  • Ingrid Wahl, FernFH lecturer & researcher
  • Günther Wenzel, FernFH lecturer & researcher

Representatives of the students

  • Thomas Fister (BA in Aging Services Management, 2016)
  • Sonja Ordnung (MA in Business Administration and Psychology, 2018)
  • Nicole Schaufler (BA in Business Informatics, 2017)
  • Weronika Schubert, (BA in Business Informatics, 2015)
  • Sabine Zöchling, BA (MA in Business Administration and Psychology, 2016)

The term of office of the Academic Board is three years.