Picture: MBA International Corporate Social Responsibility Management

MBA International Corporate Social Responsibility Management

MBA (Master of Business Administration)


Autumn 2020*

Length of programme: 3 semesters
Costs: € 16,800 (incl. student union fee, excl. travelling costs)
Type of study:
Distance learning via Online Campus (an interactive online learning plattform), plus 3 on-campus sessions (2 in Austria, 1 international)
Language of instruction: English
Programme director:

Martin Neureiter

Corporate Social Responsibility – a strategic management tool that addresses the impact that an organisation’s action has on the environment, society, and the economy and controls these specifically.

The rapid economic growth of recent decades has created a great deal of opportunities – and also negatively impacted the ecosystem. For this reason, we need leaders who can professionally manage the needs of people, the environment, and the economy while reconciling them for future generations. Graduates of "International Corporate Social Responsibility Management | MBA" acquire the necessary skills for this.

The MBA programme is designed for managers, (prospective) CSR managers, communication managers, business consultants and project managers.

* Ferdinand Porsche FernFH reserves the right to postpone the start of the MBA progamme if the minimum number of participants will not be reached.

Admission requirements

  • completed study (min. bachelor's degree level) AND
  • relevant professional experience
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Information session

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International and recognised.

  • Internationally recognised programme: Guidelines of the Association of MBAs
  • Based on the international Social Responsibility standard ISO 26000
  • Lecturers are international CSR experts (Get more information about lecturers)
  • Lecturers and students from all over the world
  • Students get access to an international CSR network


Practice-focused and flexible.

  • Concept of distance learning allows flexible study from anywhere
  • International case studies throughout the MBA programme
  • Practical focus by processing real problem statements of an international client during the 2nd on-campus session
  • Master's Thesis: Practical project, scientifically worked up

Excellent lecturers of MBA programme

Martin Neureiter

Professional career: Founder and CEO (CSR Company International)
Company: CSR Company International | International
Courses: Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility, Understanding Social Responsibility, Management Approach of CSR-ISO 26000, Framework for CSR, Master’s Thesis Seminar
More about Martin Neureiter...

John Aston

Position: Founder & CEO
Company: Astoneco Management Ltd. | Irland
Course: Environment
More about John Aston...

Ini Abimbola

Position: Lead Consultant
Company: ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited | Nigeria
Course: CSR Integration
More about Ini Abimbola...

Sandra Feltham

Position: Founder and CEO
Company: Flagship Consulting | Czech Republic
Courses: Leading from the Top & Stakeholder Communication, Internal & external Communication, CSR Reporting in Practise, CSR Reporting according to GRI
More about Sandra Feltham...

Pierre Mazeau

Position: Head of CSR
Company: Electricité de France | France
Course: Stakeholder Theory & Practise
More about Pierre Mazeau...

Focus areas

Management Skills
Academic competence

Acquisition of competence

The MBA programme "International Corporate Social Responsibility Management" at Ferdinand Porsche FernFH includes all essential basics of CSR management. Additionally a specialisation in specific subjects is offered.

Students in the MBA programme learn how the future direction of economic life can be successfully implemented regarding CSR and sustainability factors. CSR experts as lecturers ensure that they receive training directly in practice.

MBA programme graduates…

  • are familiar with the main CSR principles: responsibility, transparency, ethical behaviour, network building, and stakeholder communications.
  • are able to develop appropriate measures and solutions and implement them in the corporate context.
  • take the business strategies of their company or organisation to the international level of sustainability standard ISO 26000.
  • are familiar with the latest SR tools and guidelines for successful strategies.
  • use their CSR expertise internationally and according to uniform SR standards.
  • have the necessary knowledge to assess different questions in a strategic and sustainable way.

Programme overview

Introduction of International CSR Management MBA

In this video Martin Neureiter, programme director of the Online MBA programme “International Corporate Social Responsibility Management”, gives a first insight into this MBA programme in Corporate Social Responsibility.


The folder is available in different languages, you’ll find them on the download page.