Picture: MSc Aging Services Management

MSc Aging Services Management

MSc (Master of Science)


Autumn semester

Length of programme: 3 semesters
Type of study:
One semester consists of 3 on-campus sessions (2 days each, Friday and Saturday) and two self-defined distance learning phases.
Language of instruction: German
Programme director:

Martina Nitsch

This unique interdisciplinary MSc programme addresses current trends and future social challenges. The core focus of this programme is on promoting health and quality of life in older age, professional generation management and opportunities through technological measures. As such, this is the first MSc programme to link these major social issues together.

Once graduates from the programme, they are then qualified to undertake management and development roles to strategically plan and effectively introduce social and technological innovations to promote quality of life among older generations. MSc students can either specialise in “Health Services Technologies” or “Managing Generations and Technological Change”.

Ferdinand Porsche FernFH reserves the right to postpone the start of the MSc progamme if the minimum number of 20 participants will not be reached.

Admission requirements

  • A completed and relevant bachelor’s degree OR an equivalent degree (180 ECTS) AND
  • Basic knowledge of Public Health/Health Services (4 ECTS) OR passed qualification test
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Information session

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Target groups

  • Individuals who work in the healthcare and technology sectors and hold relevant qualifications, such as bachelor’s degrees in Healthcare and Nursing, Aging Services Management, Business Psychology, Healthcare Management, Human Resources Management, (Business) Informatics, Information Technology, or Electronics, as well as qualified occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

In partnership with the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

The "Health Services Technologies" is run in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences “Technikum Wien”. The sessions for modules “Active Assisted Living & eHealth” and “Technology and Innovation Management” will take place at the labs of the University of Applied Sciences “Technikum Wien” in Vienna.

In partnership with NESTORGOLD

As part of the Managing Generations and Technological Change programme, FernFH works with the NESTORGOLD initiative that was set up by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection.

Most of the content quality indicators from the NESTORGOLD certification are integrated into teaching on the programme. Graduates can then be trained as official NESTORGOLD consultants for the Ministry.

Acquisition of competence

After completing the MSc programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Mediate specifically between the different specialist areas of Gerontology and Public Health/Health Sciences in a targeted way using technology/innovation management or human resources management, depending on the student’s specialisation.
  • Plan and implement social and technical innovations to promote health and quality of life for the elderly.
  • Transfer current research results specifically into practice.
  • Provide advice on specific solutions at the interface of health and age, focusing on technology or human resources management.
  • Undertake management and development roles required to strategically plan and effectively implement social and technological innovations promoting quality of life among older generations.

Once the students successfully complete the programme, they will be awarded the title of “MSc” (Master of Science).

Programme overview

Information scholarships and grants

It is possible to apply for scholarships and grants from various offices and institutions. You can find information on this on the overview page “Scholarships and grants” (only available in German).