Certificate programme Health Services Technologies

Certificate programme Health Services Technologies



Autumn semester*

Length of programme: 1 Semester
Costs: EUR 3,990 plus student union fee
Type of study:
One semester consists of 3 on-campus sessions (2 days each, Friday and Saturday) and two self-defined distance learning phases.
Language of instruction: German
Programme director:

Martina Nitsch

Application deadline

Technology-based tools play a major role in improving the quality of life for older generations and people with special needs, helping them in their daily lives and supporting them to lead an independent life.

This certificate programme is the only one of its kind in Austria, and it aims to give participants an understanding of the field of assistive technologies at the interface of health care and technology, as well as expertise from relevant and related specialist areas by looking at use cases and using an interdisciplinary approach at master level. The programme also rounds out students’ competencies by integrating subjects such as “Law and Ethics for Health Services Technologies” and “Technology and Innovation management”.

The certificate programme “Health Services Technologies – Technology Consulting in the Health Sector” is offered in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences “Technikum Wien”.

* Ferdinand Porsche FernFH reserves the right to postpone the start of the certificate programme if the minimum number of 12 participants will not be reached.

Admission requirements

  • General university entrance qualification OR an appropriate professional qualification
  • Basic knowledge of Informatics (4 ECTS) OR passed qualification test
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Information session

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Target groups

  • Employees and managers from the health and long-term care sector
  • Case managers
  • Trainers and coaches
  • Anyone with relevant professional experience in sociology, health sciences, psychology, informatics, or business administration
  • Corporate and organisational consultants


The certificate programme “Health Services Technologies” is a collaboration between Ferdinand Porsche FernFH and the University of Applied Sciences “Technikum Wien”. The University of Applied Sciences “Technikum Wien” runs the sessions for modules “Active Assisted Living & eHealth” and “Technology and Innovation Management” , while Ferdinand Porsche FernFH GmbH conducts those for the modules “Human Technology Interaction” and “Law and Ethics for Health Services Technologies”.

Acquisition of competence

The programme “Health Services Technologies” builds on the students’ existing skills in informatics and health sciences and teaches them in depth about the fields of active assisted living, eHealth and human technology interaction.

Students learn how to build links between different disciplines and areas of work and assess potential AAL solutions in terms of their implementation and practicality.

After completing the certificate programme, participants will be able to:

  • Assess AAL systems and solutions in line with the current state-of-the-art.
  • Plan and analyse AAL or technology-based systems in their respective fields of activity.
  • Use management tools as part of the new product development process.
  • Analyse human technology interactions and apply them to technology-based systems.
  • Reflect on and assess technology-based systems from different human and social science perspectives.
  • Apply and evaluate principles of human-centred design.
  • Plan and analyse AAL systems and solutions from an ethical and multidisciplinary standpoint.
  • Identify legal aspects relevant to their sector and draw appropriate legal conclusions.

Programme overview

Master upgrade – Aging Services Management | MSc

Graduates who have completed the certificate programmes “Health Services Technologies” and “Managing Generations and Technological Change” (and who meet the relevant admission requirements) may complete the MSc programme “Aging Services Management | MSc” in just two semesters following the certificate programme.

Cost of the Master upgrade: € 4,380 if paying per semester (incl. tuition fees; excl. Austrian student union fee), € 8,580 if paying in one instalment (incl. tuition fees; excl. Austrian student union fee).

Information scholarships and grants

It is possible to apply for scholarships and grants from various offices and institutions. You can find information on this on the overview page “Scholarships and grants” (only available in German).





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